Artist. Writer. Image maker

Living close to nature, the patterns and rhythms of natural world have always captured my imagination. I am particularly interested in times of transition, and it is the emotions such instances evoke that I seek to express through the pieces I create.

I recently completed an MA in Fine Art at University of Hertfordshire where I combined work in visual and written forms encompassing printmaking, digital artwork, papermaking, collage and text/poetry. Through layering words, marks and materials I investigated ways to express our ever-changing relationship with the natural world through the passage of time, believing that nothing is lost but will always resurface through found objects and residual pockets of energy.

2018 – 2021 MA Fine Art. University of Hertfordshire. Graduated with distinction. December 2021

2015 - 2018 BA Contemporary Design Craft. University of Hertfordshire. Graduated with first class honours

BA (Hons) English and Comparative American Literature, University of Warwick. Graduated with honours class 2:1

Various jobs in advertising agencies, at different times including development of promotional material, copy writing, account direction and creative services management